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. brown: we continue our look at this case and the larger implications with ellen matloff director of cancer genetic counseling at yale cancer center. she's a plaintiff in today's case. kevin noonan an intellectual property attorney and founder of the blog patent docs, dot-org. you heard marcia talk about the legal arguments. as someone involved in genetic counseling and research, what's the essence of this case for you? what's at stake? >> well, i've really seen from the ground floor what this has done to patient care over the last 15 years. keep in mind that when these genes were cloned many laboratories were offering this testing. there was nothing novel here, no invention, no special process, no special machine. we were doing this testing in our laboratory at yale. and then when the patents became... when they clamped down on the patents, our labs and all others were shut down. >> brown: kevin noonan, same question to you. as someone involved in the patent world and research, what do you think is the essence of this? >> i think that that is true. you're looking at what is going
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)